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The need to protect citizens from the consequences of both intentional and unintentional human acts, as well as natural hazards and technical failures, has become an important strand in the European security discourse. While the military dimension remains present in Europe, the security of European citizens, societies and states is no longer equated exclusively, or even principally, with the defence of borders from external attack or defending against attacks by internal armed groups.

Council conclusions agreed by EU member states in early 2014 direct attention to both the eastern and the southern parts of the EU Neighbourhood. There are some 60 fragile countries in which the UN’s Millennium Development Goals are not being reached, and many of these are either neighbours of, or otherwise close to, the EU. These countries face enormous governance problems, and experience extensive violence – not limited to armed conflict.

Responding to the negative implications of globalization, including combating terrorism and organized crime, is also recognized by the EU as a critical and urgent priority that requires action on a trans-regional basis—something which is reflected in many existing programmes and backed by substantial investment.

In light of these developments, applying the comprehensive approach will mean going beyond conflict analysis. The approach will have to take account of the nexus between security and development, link the external and internal dimensions of EU actions on issues such as migration, and develop effective means to facilitate positive flows (and block negative flows) associated with globalization.

Remember, no problem has a quick fix solution, particularly issues of security in any form. Thus, always ensure to consult highly knowledgeable group of professionals whom would provide you with a collective advice, never individual advice. This group advice and approach is unique with CWIIL Group and is based on the overall Management Philosophy of all CWIIL Group Companies.

Consulting CWIIL Group of Companies, for any / all matters relating to security ranging from individual to national levels, ensures advice based on highest level of knowledge which are given to you by a team of select research-oriented experts whom each will do their own assessment of your matter, and also assess it together, thus ensuring that in case a mistake has been made by one, it will be noticed and corrected even before it is being passed on to you. Receiving incorrect and un-knowledgeable security advice can be disastrous and thus should be avoided.

CWIIL Group of Companies is a global group of multi-specialized units with diversified interests and activities, wherein each company is a separate legal entity registered under prevailing laws in different parts of the world. CWIIL Group of Companies Products, Services, Project and Solutions are in a multitude of Verticals including, but not limited to, Infrastructure, Power, Oil & Gas, Legal, Media, Technology, ITES, HR, Shipping, Aviation, Real Estate, Hospitals, Health and Medicine, Education, Funding & Investment, Business and Legal Consultancy, and Public Private Partnerships, and other CWIIL Group Units, worldwide, to name a few.

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